Wasit First International Exhibition for Energy, Economy and Investment

Under the auspices of Wasit Province Governor, Engineer Malik Khalaf Al-Wdi, with the Support of the Wasit Provincial Council / Energy Committee for Oil and Gas, Wasit Chamber of Commerce held their first Energy, Economy & Investment Exhibition to attract well established Local and International companies to competitively invest in the various Wasit available business opportunities. The aim of this was to support, establish, improve and modernize the Wasit Province infrastructure services provision, create job opportunities and better the livelihood of Wasit Province inhabitants.

Aldar International Exhibition
Aldar International Company Chief Executive Officer Muayad Alabody welcoming the Wasit Province Governor, Engineer Malik Khalaf Al-Wdi, to the Aldar stand, and taking him through our available professional services.

Invitation of well established companies like AlDar International Company and other commercial and consumer businesses gave us chance to showcase our products, goods and services, to Wasit people and other locally interested investors.

The Exhibitors comprised of the below company categories:

  • Oil and Gas Industries.
  • Alternative Energy.
  • Oil Production Fields Development.
  • Excavation Techniques and Wells Completion.
  • Projects Management & Engineering.
  • Gas Equipment, Machinery and Technology.
  • General Transportation and Pipeline.
  • Health and Environmental Safety.
  • Oil Pumps and Tools.
  • Power Alternatives and Sun Cells.
  • Excavation Materials, Equipment and Wells Completion.
  • Vehicles, Machinery and Machines Oil.
  • Cables and Electrical Towers.
  • Oil Services Provision.
  • Electrical Equipment Suppliers.

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