Air Blowing and Chemical Cleaning – FCP Gas Train 1 and 2

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    July 2015

  • Category

    Completed Projects

Scope of Work

The below described scope of work is for Train 1 only. Train 2 scope of work currently is not fully clear. Once SOLAR packages arrive from Houston and cleanliness inspections have been completed, Work-packs shall be generated by COMPANY and will be submitted to Subcontractor for executions using the same unit rates as defined for Train.

Air Blowing

A Boroscope exercise was carried out on skids delivered from Houston, process skids and pipe rack modules. The findings, minor debris and scaling, deem it necessary to perform air blowing as per the following work packs:

  • Work Pack no. 1 – Instrument Air
  • Work Pack no. 2 – 1st Stage Filter Sep
  • Work Pack no. 3 – 1st Stage Discharge Coolers
  • Work Pack no. 4 – 2nd Stage Compression.
  • Work Pack no. 5 – 2nd Stage Discharge Cooler
  • Work Pack no. 6 – Station Recycle
  • Work Pack no. 7 – FG/SG Pipework
  • Work Pack no. 8 – FG/SG Skid
  • Work Pack no. 9 – FGC Skid
  • Work Pack no. 10 – Turbine Utility Skid

Air Blowing will be carried out as per the referred procedure “FCP Gas Train 1 Cleanliness” (Doc. no. GAS1-GP1-SIP-MP-6025-0001). Subcontractor shall supply all manpower, consumables, tools, plant and equipment to execute air blowing works.

Chemical Cleaning

In addition to the air blowing it has been decided that chemical cleaning should be carried out on the following systems as per the referred marked-up P&IDs

  1. System : Material
  2. Fuel Gas : Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel
  3. Seal Gas : Stainless Steel
  4. N2 : Stainless Steel