Kut Sewerage Network Project

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    February 2009

  • Category

    Completed Projects

Description of Work

Kut Town is a cultural and traffic center in Wasit. It is under rapid development these years, and the original drainage facilities are unable to meet the demand of economic development. Its present drainage system has the following defects: imperfectness, small service area, not matched drainage pipeline network, and imperfect management, etc.

The project will make of over 90 percent of urban life sewage and industrial wastewater. The project includes rehabilitation work on rain water networks to prevent flooding during winter.

Project Details

The main items include sewage drainage works (foul and rain water), and corresponding auxiliary works. The total length of sewage pipeline network DN200~DN1500 is 145,682m; the total length of rainwater pipeline network DN300~DN1800 is 93,026m; the total length of foul pipeline network in the total investment of 64.5 billion Iraqi Dinar = 53750000 USD. The project is financed by Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works (General Directorate for Sewerage) and supervised by Ministry of Industry & Minerals (Specialized Institute for Engineering Industries); the scheduled completion period is 36 months.