Supply and Installation of Scaffolds in Khor Azubair Gas Plant

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    November 2014

  • Category

    Completed Projects


Providing various  required  Scaffolding  along with required skilled manpower, Scaffolding materials. The scope will start from mobilization/ demobilization of skilled & experienced manpower, required scaffolding materials, equipment, tools & tackles to COMPANY site for erecting or dismantling of Scaffolding as per COMPANY Scaffolding procedures and permit requirements and the types of scaffolding is including but not limited to the following:

  1. Supply and install Tube and Coupler cantilever scaffolding type.
  2. Supply and Install Tube and Coupler suspender scaffolding Type.
  3. Supply and install Tube and Coupler mobile Scaffolding type.
  4. Supply and install Tube and Coupler Tower scaffolds type.

Location: Khor Azubair Gas Plant – Basra – Iraq

Client: Technip /BGC/ Shell.