Calibration & Testing Services

Aldar International Laboratory provides state of art Calibration Services ,  we deliver calibration services by understanding our client's needs and through a partnership approach, which offers flexible contracting options.

We are committed to ensuring the ongoing performance, accuracy and compliance of your instruments and equipment through calibration and repair. Our knowledge and experience extends to a range of regulatory industries & Laboratory accreditation bodies. We use standards that specifically assess factors relevant to the laboratory's technical competence.

We at Aldar Int. are proud to offer you one-stop solutions for all of your calibration services with hi-tech Master Equipment for best results and client satisfaction. Some of the Services We Provide include;


Our pressure calibration services include tool calibration for a variety of measuring hand tools as well as calibration of masters and standards. Routine pressure calibration will help ensure the accuracy and precision of your pressure instruments. The use of reliable instruments is essential for efficiency, quality and safety.1247865IMG_2876

We at Aldar International perform pressure calibration from vacuum to 15,000 PSI. With every pressure calibration you receive a Calibration Certificate from us, with all the information you need about the condition of your instrument, calibration results, traceability and adjustments made. We offer calibration facility of following instruments in our lab as well as at site:

  • Pressure Transmitter & Transducer
  • Pressure Recorder & Switch
  • Pressure Gauge ( Digital & Analog)
  • Pressure Calibrators / Manometer
  • Dead weight Tester
  • Control Valves

We utilize a number of different processes to perform temperature calibration on a wide range of instruments both in our lab and on the field. Digital recorder and thermometer calibration takes place on a Fluke Multi-process Calibrator.

Thermometer calibration are completed using dry-wells and liquid bath with temperature ranges from -30° C to 650° C. The liquid in temperature baths and atmosphere in Dry wells/blocks are set to a specific temperature for calibration. Once the appropriate temperature is reached, the test instrument and a standard are placed into the bath or well for a comparison of readings.

Calibration Capability
  •  Temperature Transmitter & Transducer     - RTD/ TC Calibrators/ Temperature Bath
    - Temperature Elements & RTD                       - Multi-Function Process Calibrator 
    - Bi-Metallic Gauge                                              - Thermometer (IR, Digital, Glass)
    - Recorders ( Digital, Analog)                            - Weather Stations

 Flow measurement has an impotent role in process industries. Regular calibrations of your flow meter instruments ensure that the flow meter's measurements are as accurate as their specifications say they are.

Aldar Int. provides fully-accredited flow meter calibration services. Our comprehensive flow meter calibration services can be custom-tailored to meet your specific requirements—either at your site or through our network of mobile and depot labs.

Calibration Capability
  • DP Flow Transmitter
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter
  • Mass Flow meter
  • Turbine type Flow Meter

Gas Detection equipment must be calibrated and serviced regularly to provide protection for both plant and personnel. The manufacturer recommends that calibration is carried out at least every six months – more frequent calibration may be required where the detectors are exposed to gas for extended periods of time.

In order to ensure safe and accurate operation of Fixed Gas Detectors, they need to be periodically calibrated against reference test gases that are traceable to National Physical Laboratory standards. The recommended calibration period for fix gas detectors is six months although the frequency may need to be increased where continual exposure to the target gases is experienced. In this aspect Aldar Int. provides calibration solution for wide range of fixed gas detectors as well as personal portable detector.

Calibration Capability
  • Fixed Multi Gas Detector
  • Portable Multi Gas Detector
  • Data Logger
  • Gas Sensors
  • Smoke detectors
  • IR Flame Detectors




Humidity calibration is a necessity for keeping humidity-reading instruments operating reliably and within accuracy specifications for a reasonable length of time. .

We provide humidity calibration services at our lab in Basra, Iraq. You will receive a Calibration Certificate with full details for each calibrated item.

Calibration Capability
  • Hygrometer
  • Data logger
  • Psychrometer
  • Recorder (Analog, Digital)
  • RTD Probe (ITS-Coefficient)
  • Temperature & Humidity Recorder
  • Relative humidity (RH) sensor calibration

In order to achieve accurate results, the quality of a measurement needs to be assured. Calibration of equipment, both before and after use is required to establish both the metrological traceability of the measurement and its compliance with ISO9000 quality standards.
Without proper calibration the results can prove catastrophic to a system in which the incorrectly dimensioned component is then integrated. Reliability, operating life, functionality, safety and cost can all be impacted by a lack of calibration conducted by an approved laboratory.

Calibration Capability

Dimensional calibration services from Aldar Int. includes:

  • Micrometer
    o Analog & Digital (Inside, Outside)
  • Vernier Caliper
    o Analogue and Digital)
    o Depth and Height
  • Gauge block set
    o Inches, Millimeter
  • Ruler
    o Steel
    o Measuring Tape
    o Leaser gauge
    o UIT Detection Tape
  • Angle Instruments
    o Bevel Protector
    o Digital combination set
  • Electronic and Dial Test Indicators (Lever and Plunger)
  • Levels
    o Electronic, Laser, Spirit
  • Straight Edges:
    o Ruled, Beveled, Specials
  • Feeler Gauges
  • Surface Plate

Aldar Int’s activity in this area underpins the work of a wide range of industries, from providing traceability for very small weights used in the pharmaceutical industry to calibration of high range weighing bridges up to over 500 kg.

The Mass Measurement Lab at MSL is equipped with state of the art Mettler Mass comparators and E2 Class reference Masses ranging from 1 mg to 30 kg, F1 Class Masses from 1 mg to 100 kg.

Calibration Capability
  • Precision weights
  • Ordinary weights
  • Electronic balances
  • Industrial / Mechanical balances



Force & Torque Laboratory at Aldarint is well equipped to with reference standards such as high precision load cells for verification / calibration of Universal Tensile Testing Machines & Compressional testing machines along with our capability to calibrate load cells. We offer calibration services both onsite and in our lab. Whereas we have an efficient and robust system for calibration of torque wrenches and other torque related equipment. Our Digital calibrators for Torque cover a wide range of torque measurements from 1 N.m to 2000 N.m. Our services in Force and Torque are reliable and traceable to international standards.

Calibration Capability
  • Compressive Strength Machine
  • Compressive / Tensile Load Cell
  • Torque Tester
  • Torque wrench
  • Torque Multiplier
  • Torque Screwdriver

Imagine being able to see the damage happening to your equipment from extremely minute wear particles and debris. Oil analysis is a preventive maintenance tool that uncovers fixable problems before they become catastrophic failures. For you, it means less unscheduled downtime and increased equipment reliability, productivity and profitability. Oil analysis with Aldar Int. can;

  • Extend oil drain interval
  • Extend equipment life
  • Identify problems before equipment failure